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Akathist to our Sweetest Lord Jesus Christ

Kontakion 1

Warrior-Chieftain and Lord, Vanquisher of hell, I Thy creature and servant offer Thee songs of praise, for Thou hast delivered me from eternal death. But as Thou hast unutterable loving-kindness, free me from every danger, as I cry: Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me.

Oikos 1

Creator of Angels and Lord of Hosts! As of old Thou didst open ear and tongue to the deaf and dumb, likewise open now my perplexed mind and tongue to the praise of Thy Most Holy Name, that I may cry to Thee: Jesus All-Wonderful, Angels' Astonishment! Jesus All-Powerful, Forefathers' Deliverance! Jesus All-Sweetest, Patriarchs' Exaltation! Jesus All-Glorious, Kings' Stronghold! Jesus All-Beloved, Prophets' Fulfillment! Jesus All-Marvellous, Martyrs' Strength! Jesus All-Peaceful, Monks' Joy! Jesus All-Gracious, Presbyters' Sweetness! Jesus All-Merciful, Fasters' Abstinence! Jesus All-Tenderest, Saints' Rejoicing! Jesus All-Honorable, Virgins' Chastity! Jesus everlasting, Sinners' Salvation! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 2

As when seeing the widow weeping bitterly, O Lord, Thou wast moved with pity, and didst raise her son from the dead as he was being carried to burial, likewise have pity on me, O Lover of men, and raise my soul, deadened by sins, as I cry, Alleluia!

Oikos 2

Seeking to know what passes knowledge, Philip asked: "Lord, show us the Father"; and Thou didst answer him: "Have I been so long with you and yet hast thou not known that I am in the Father and the Father in Me?" Likewise, O Inconceivable One, with fear I cry to Thee: Jesus, Eternal God! Jesus, All-Powerful King! Jesus, Long-suffering Master! Jesus, All-Merciful Saviour! Jesus, my gracious Guardian! Jesus, cleanse my sins! Jesus, take away my iniquities! Jesus, pardon my unrighteousness! Jesus, my Hope, forsake me not! Jesus, my Helper, reject me not! Jesus, my Creator, forget me not! Jesus, my Shepherd, lose me not! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 3

Thou Who didst endue with power from on high Thy Apostles who tarried in Jerusalem, O Jesus, clothe also me, stripped bare of all good work, with the warmth of Thy Holy Spirit, and grant that with love I may sing to Thee: Alleluia!

Oikos 3

In the abundance of Thy mercy, O Jesus, Thou hast called publicans and sinners and infidels. Now despise me not who am like them, but as precious myrrh accept this song: Jesus, Invincible Power! Jesus, Infinite Mercy! Jesus, Radiant Beauty! Jesus, Unspeakable Love! Jesus, Son of the Living God! Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner! Jesus, hear me who was conceived in iniquity! Jesus, cleanse me who was born in sin! Jesus, teach me who am worthless! Jesus, enlighten my darkness! Jesus, purify me who am unclean! Jesus, restore me, a prodigal! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 4

Having an interior storm of doubting thoughts, Peter was sinking. But beholding Thee, O Jesus, in the flesh walking on the waters, he confessed Thee to be the true God; and receiving the hand of salvation, he cried: Alleluia!

Oikos 4

When the blind man heard Thee, O Lord, passing by on the way, he cried: Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! And Thou didst call him and open his eyes. Likewise enlighten the spiritual eyes of my heart with Thy love as I cry to Thee and say: Jesus, Creator of those on high! Jesus, Redeemer of those below! Jesus, Vanquisher of the powers of hell! Jesus, Adorner of every creature! Jesus, Comforter of my soul! Jesus, Enlightener of my mind! Jesus, Gladness of my heart! Jesus, Health of my body! Jesus, my Saviour, save me! Jesus, my Light, enlighten me! Jesus, deliver me from all torments! Jesus, save me despite my unworthiness! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 5

As of old Thou didst redeem us from the curse of the law by Thy Divinely-shed Blood, O Jesus, likewise rescue me from the snares in which the serpent has entangled us through the passions of the flesh, through lustful suggestions and evil despondency, as we cry to Thee: Alleluia!

Oikos 5

Seeing the Creator in human form and knowing Him to be their Lord, the Hebrew children sought to please Him with branches, crying: Hosanna! But we offer Thee a song, saying: Jesus, True God! Jesus, Son of David! Jesus, Glorious King! Jesus, Innocent Lamb! Jesus, Wonderful Shepherd! Jesus, Guardian of my infancy! Jesus, Nourisher of my youth! Jesus, Praise of my old age! Jesus, my Hope at death! Jesus, my Life after death! Jesus, my Comfort at Thy Judgment! Jesus, my Desire, let me not then be ashamed. Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 6

In fulfillment of the words and message of the inspired Prophets, O Jesus, Thou didst appear on earth, and Thou Who art uncontainable didst dwell with men. Thenceforth, being healed through Thy wounds, we learned to sing: Alleluia!

Oikos 6

When the light of Thy truth dawned on the world, devilish delusion was driven away; for the idols, O our Saviour, have fallen, unable to endure Thy strength. But we who have received salvation, cry to Thee: Jesus, the Truth, dispelling falsehood! Jesus, the Light above all lights! Jesus, the King, surpassing all in strength! Jesus, God, constant in mercy! Jesus, Bread of Life, fill me who am hungry! Jesus, Source of Knowledge, refresh me who am thirsty! Jesus, Garment of Gladness, clothe my nakedness! Jesus, Veil of Joy, cover my unworthiness! Jesus, Giver to those who ask, give me sorrow for my sins! Jesus, Finder of those who seek, find my soul! Jesus, Opener to those who knock, open my wretched heart! Jesus, Redeemer of sinners, wash away my sins! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 7

Desiring to unveil the mystery hidden from all ages, Thou wast led as a sheep to the slaughter, O Jesus, and as a lamb before its shearer. But as God Thou didst rise from the dead and didst ascend with glory to Heaven, and along with Thyself Thou didst raise us who cry: Alleluia!

Oikos 7

The Creator has shown us a marvelous Creature, Who took flesh without seed from a Virgin, rose from the tomb without breaking the seal, and entered bodily the Apostles' room when the doors were shut. Therefore, marvelling at this we sing: Jesus, Uncontainable Word! Jesus, Inscrutable Intelligence! Jesus, Incomprehensible Power! Jesus, Inconceivable Wisdom! Jesus, Undepictable Deity! Jesus, Boundless Dominion! Jesus, Invincible Kingdom! Jesus, Unending Sovereignty! Jesus, Supreme Strength! Jesus, Eternal Power! Jesus, my Creator, have compassion on me! Jesus, my Saviour, save me! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 8

Seeing God wondrously incarnate, let us shun the vain world and set our mind on things divine; for God descended to earth to raise to Heaven us who cry to Him: Alleluia!

Oikos 8

Being both below and above, Thou didst never falter, O Thou immeasurable One, when Thou didst voluntarily suffer for us, and by Thy death our death didst put to death, and by Thy Resurrection didst grant life to those who sing: Jesus, Sweetness of the heart! Jesus, Strength of the body! Jesus, Purity of the soul! Jesus, Brightness of the mind! Jesus, Gladness of the conscience! Jesus, Sure Hope! Jesus, Memory Eternal! Jesus, High Praise! Jesus, my most exalted Glory! Jesus, my Desire, reject me not! Jesus, my Shepherd, recover me! Jesus, my Saviour, save me! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 9

The Angelic Hosts in Heaven glorify unceasingly Thy most holy Name, O Jesus, crying: Holy, Holy, Holy! But we sinners on earth, with our frail voices cry: Alleluia!

Oikos 9

We see most eloquent orators voiceless as fish when they must speak of Thee, O Jesus our Saviour. For it is beyond their power to tell how Thou art both perfect man and immutable God at the same time. But we, marvelling at this Mystery, cry faithfully: Jesus, Eternal God! Jesus, King of Kings! Jesus, Lord of Lords! Jesus, Judge of the living and the dead! Jesus, Hope of the hopeless! Jesus, Comforter of the mournful! Jesus, Glory of the poor! Jesus, condemn me not according to my deeds! Jesus, cleanse me according to Thy mercy! Jesus, take from me despondency! Jesus, enlighten the thoughts of my heart! Jesus, make me ever mindful of death! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 10

Wishing to save the world, O Sunrise of the East, Thou didst come to the dark Occident of our nature, and didst humble Thyself even to the point of death. Therefore Thy Name is exalted above every name, and from all the tribes of earth and heaven, Thou dost hear: Alleluia!

Oikos 10

King Eternal, Comforter, true Christ! Cleanse us from every stain as Thou didst cleanse the Ten Lepers, and heal us as Thou didst heal the greedy soul of Zacchaeus the publican, that we may cry to Thee with compunction and say: Jesus, Treasurer Incorruptible! Jesus, Unfailing Wealth! Jesus, Strong Food! Jesus, Inexhaustible Drink! Jesus, Garment of the poor! Jesus, Defender of widows! Jesus, Protector of orphans! Jesus, Helper of toilers! Jesus, Guide of pilgrims! Jesus, Pilot of voyagers! Jesus, Calmer of tempests! Jesus, raise me who am fallen! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 11

Tenderest songs I, though unworthy, offer to Thee, and like the woman of Canaan, I cry to Thee: O Jesus, have mercy on me! For it is not my daughter, but my flesh violently possessed with passions and burning with fury. So grant healing to me, who cry to Thee: Alleluia!

Oikos 11

Having previously persecuted Thee Who art the Light that enlightens those who are in the darkness of ignorance, Paul experienced the power of the voice of divine enlightenment, and understood the swiftness of the soul's conversion to God. Likewise, enlighten the dark eye of my soul, as I cry: Jesus, my All-powerful King! Jesus, my Almighty God! Jesus, my Immortal Lord! Jesus, my most glorious Creator! Jesus, my most kind Teacher and Guide! Jesus, my most compassionate Shepherd! Jesus, my most gracious Master! Jesus, my most merciful Saviour! Jesus, enlighten my senses darkened by passions! Jesus, heal my body scabbed with sins! Jesus, cleanse my mind from vain thoughts! Jesus, keep my heart from evil desires! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 12

Grant me Thy grace, O Jesus, Absolver of all debts, and receive me who repent, as Thou didst receive Peter who denied Thee, and call me who am downcast, as of old Thou didst call Paul who persecuted Thee, and hear me crying to Thee: Alleluia!

Oikos 12

Praising Thy Incarnation, we all glorify Thee and, with Thomas, we believe that Thou art our Lord and God, sitting with the Father and coming to judge the living and the dead. Grant that then I may stand on Thy right hand, who now cry: Jesus, Eternal King, have mercy on me! Jesus, sweet-scented Flower, make me fragrant! Jesus, beloved Warmth, make me warm! Jesus, Eternal Temple, shelter me! Jesus, Garment of Light, adorn me! Jesus, Pearl of great price, beam on me! Jesus, precious Stone, illumine me! Jesus, Sun of Righteousness, shine on me! Jesus, holy Light, make me radiant! Jesus, deliver me from sickness of soul and body! Jesus, rescue me from the hands of the adversary! Jesus, save me from the unquenchable fire and from the other eternal torments! Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me!

Kontakion 13

O most sweet and most generous Jesus! Receive this our humble prayer, as Thou didst receive the widow's mite and keep Thy faithful people from all enemies, visible and invisible, from foreign invasion, from disease and hunger, from all tribulations and mortal wounds, and deliver from future torments all who cry to Thee: Alleluia! (Thrice)

And again oikos 1 and kontakion 1 are read.

Prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ

O All-wise and All-gracious Lord, Our Saviour, Who didst enlighten all the ends of the world by the radiance of Thy Coming, and Who didst call us into Thy Holy Church through the promise of the inheritance of incorruptible and eternal good! Graciously look down on us, Thy worthless servants, and remember not our iniquities, but according to Thy infinite mercies forgive all our sins. For though we transgress Thy holy will, we do not deny Thee, Our God and Saviour. Against Thee alone do we sin, yet Thee alone do we serve, in Thee alone do we believe, to Thee alone do we come, and Thy servants only do we wish to be. Remember the infirmity of our nature and the temptations of the adversary and the worldly enticements and seducements which surround us on all sides, and against which, according to Thy word, we can do nothing without Thy help. Cleanse us and save us! Enlighten our minds that we may firmly believe in Thee, our only Saviour and Redeemer! Inspire our hearts that we may wholly love Thee, our only God and Creator! Direct our steps that we may unstumblingly walk in the light of Thy commandments! Yea, our Lord and Creator, show us Thy great and abundant kindness, and make us live all the days of our life in holiness and truth, that at the time of Thy glorious Second Coming, we may be worthy to hear Thy gracious call into Thy Heavenly Kingdom. Grant us, Thy sinful and unprofitable servants, to receive Thy Kingdom, and that in the enjoyment of its ineffable beauty, we may ever glorify Thee, together with Thy Eternal Father and Thy Ever-living Divine Spirit to the ages of ages. Amen.

Sweetest Lord Jesus, strong Son of God, Who didst shed Thy precious Blood and die for love of my love, I am ready to die for love of Thy love. Sweetest Jesus, my Life and my All, I love and adore Thee. Thee only do I wish for my Spouse, as Thou dost wish me for Thy bride. I give myself to Thee. I surrender myself to Thee. O Jesus, Thou Whose heart is ever turned to me, heal my heart, that I may feel the sweetness of Thy love, that I may taste no sweetness but Thee, seek no love but Thee, love no beauty but Thee. I have no desire but to please Thee and to do Thy will. Teach me to repent, and to take up the Cross daily and follow Thee with joy. Teach me to pray with faith and love. Thyself pray in me, that with Thee I may love my enemies and pray for them. Jesus, Thou art life in my death, strength in my weakness, light in my darkness, joy in my sorrow, courage in my faint heartedness, peace in my agitation, obedience in my prayer, glory in my dishonour, and deliverance from my dishonour. Glory and thanks to Thee Jesus my Saviour and Healer. Amen.