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Orthodox Christianity

An Online Orthodox Catechism adopted from ‘The Mystery of Faith’ by Metropolitan Hilarion.

Introduction: Dogma and spirituality
What is faith?
The call
Conversion to God
Philosophy in search of a supreme Good
The Old Testament: Divine Revelation
The word ‘God’
The Divine Names
‘Father’ as a Divine Name
Cataphatic and apophatic theology
The mystery of the Trinity
How to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity?
Unity of love
God the Creator
The angels
The origin of evil
The evil-doer
The universe
The six days of creation
The human person
Image and likeness
Soul and body
Primordial humanity before the Fall
The Fall
Consequences of Adam’s sin
Jesus Christ, the ‘New Adam’
The Christ of the Gospels: god and man
The Christ of faith: one person in two natures
The unity of natures
Two actions and two wills
Church as the Kingdom of Christ
The attributes of the Church
The church hierarchy
Women in the Church
The Mother of God and the saints
The holy icons
The cross
Church time
The Church and churches: divisions and reconciliation
A life in the sacraments
The Eucharist
Anointing with oil
The end of history
Death and resurrection
The Last Judgment
‘What is Hell?’
‘...A new heaven and a new earth’

Teachings of Orthodoxy