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Association of Friends
of the Russian Saint-Nicholas Cathedral in Nice (ACRN)

The ACRN was created as a non-profitable cultural organization according to French Law of 1901. Its task is to provide assistance to Saint-Nicholas Cathedral and to strengthen cultural and spiritual ties between Russia, Côte d'Azur and France in general.

Web-site : www.egliserussenice.org

President: Mr. Pierre de Fermor

Pierre de Fermor

Vice-president: Mr. Jacques Tournayre

Secretary: Mr. Christian Frizé

Treasurer : Mr. Nikita Ionnikoff
+33 6 21 14 89 22

President of honour: H.H. Princess Théodora (Dorrit) Romanoff


Prince Georges Yourievsky


Prince Alexandre Alexandrovitch Troubetzkoy


Prince Dimitri Schakhovskoï


Count Serge Alexeyevitch Kapnist


With Mgr Nestor, anscient bishop of Korsun, Russian Orthodox Church

Princess Theodora with Father Andrey, the rector of the Cathedral

Ancient honorary presidents and members:

Prince Nicholas Romanovitch Romanoff



baron_falz-feinBaron Edouard Alexandrovitch von Falz-Fein